Exemption from sales tax / value added tax

From 2023, the VAT rate for photovoltaic systems will be reduced to 0%, provided that the system is installed in or near private dwellings, apartments or buildings used for non-profit purposes. The zero tax rate is in accordance with EU law (Article 98 (2) in conjunction with Annex III No. 10c of Directive 2006/112/EC). According to the legislation, the gross power of the installation must not exceed 30 kW (peak). The supplier must obtain information from the purchaser about the intended use of the building, if this is not obvious. The zero tax rate also applies to the supply of solar modules and other components necessary for the operation of a photovoltaic system, including storage systems that store the electricity generated by the modules. However, there are differences between the sales tax and income tax treatment of photovoltaic systems. The zero tax rate applies only to sales taxes on installations in certain buildings, while the income tax exemption also applies to installations in other buildings. Private individuals who only generate tax-exempt income from the operation of subsidized photovoltaic systems are no longer required to calculate profits or prepare a revenue surplus statement. The input tax deduction does not apply, as the supply of photovoltaic systems to private individuals is exempt from VAT.

Send us the completed form for the application of 0% taxation and we will immediately remit the sales tax back to you.

If you would like to specify multiple orders, please fill out a separate form for each order.

Step 1: Download form

Step 2: Fill out form and send to or upload in step 3.

Step 4: Wait and get refund from!

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